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hey what do horses eat read the first letter

horses eat h?????


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people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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i have one or two passwords for everything if you figured them out you could probably take over my life

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The science witch trials

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The fact that I’m baking for the guys at the restaurant is ridiculous… But if u think about it it’s not that bad.

I just spent $200+ on stuff for college at a restaurant supply store… Totally worth it but I need to get last weekend’s pay check and the social security payment. Not buying anything for a while.

I’m gonna get to meet Mario Batali. I’m psyched. I kinda feel like its good that I’m going to meet him to potentially get some connections with chefs like him for potential jobs later on. That and Chef Batali is awesome.


this guy in my class is wearing shorts, socks with sandals, a shirt that says swag on it, and a snapback he is definitely straight

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