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We were worried they wouldn’t get along


We were worried they wouldn’t get along

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And on that note I might as well be productive since I’m up at such a weird time of day.

Welp. Guess who’s staying in the US for their externship. Not taking a fucking plane any time soon.

Horny as fuck right now o.O not sure why I said no to sex with my boyfriend but yeah. We almost did it but I didn’t want to bc I wanted to wait and yeah. Augh.


Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.

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I’ve had a pretty productive day… Got the last of my actual sitting around taking notes classes out of the way before break, hung out for a few hours with my boo, now I’m sitting around with a cup of tea and my laptop decompressing. Even though spending time with my boyfriend put me in a great mood. Although the fact that he lives in Missouri and I live in Connecticut doesn’t help, I know we’ll make it. And yeah, we both live in the same dorm at the same college campus in New York State. Kinda worked out in our favor

ew. theres a quiz in culinary math when we get back from break. no thanks.

seriously. every time i post a status on facebook my mom has to comment on it saying im complaining and corrects me on shit that isnt wrong. like its 88 degrees with 57% humidity in Hyde Park right now and shes all like ‘stop complaining, its not that bad.’ seriously? wear chef whites. i have to wear this for the next two years for my associates degree. and seeing as she’s probably never worked in the kitchen the way i do (she managed a restaurant, i do back of the house work) she shouldnt be bitching about it. wear chef whites in this weather for as long as i have to and then you can get mad at me if u still feel the same way. 

that ‘oh shit’ moment when you cant find your product knowledge homework and then remember u didnt do it. fucking hell. lets see how pissed Mosher gets if he collects it.